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Feb. 23rd, 2009

android23: (Default)
Yes, more music-related post. Want something juicier? Maybe later.

So, we've written about half of the songs for our next CD already. It helps to have everything at hand to write whenever the mood strikes. We're taking a bit of a different route this time, in that we actually kinda know what we're doing. A lot of the stuff on the first CD was written haphazardly. No, seriously, about half of the CD was noodling before we booked our first show. Then it was "oh shit, we have to finish these songs", and Matt, Jim and I would stay up late finishing them up.

Now, five years later, we're writing again. It's a lot of fun. These first five songs are a mixture of things that Jim and I tossed into a folder called "idea box". That's the music that we have no idea what to do with...30 second snips of loose ideas that sounded cool at the time. We hit that first when we're writing new songs. If it doesn't sound good, we put it back. Otherwise, we have a winner and we work on it some more.

The biggest difference between now and then is that we've brought on Dawn and Lori as full-timers. They're both writing the music along with us. It really brings a different tone and feeling to the new material. There's a song that all four of us are throwing ideas at at the same time, as well as tunes that we're taking aside for ourselves. The new album will be different from the current album, and every song will still be very different from one another.

We'll also have another guest performer on this album.

The new album is called "The Future". It's kind of a concept album, with different takes on the future that never was. We'll be doing one of the new songs at our next show, a song Lori is performing called "Involuntary Dilation". Hope you like it.

Speaking of...flyer time:

In closing, if you haven't picked up our CD, "Machines Should Think People Should Work", do so. You can get it from us, or most digital music stores. If you own a copy, write up a quick review! Jim will give you a hug.

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