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Jul. 15th, 2009

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Hi everyone,

Just heard down the pipe that the Phantasy will be closed until further notice. We here at Missile Command a happy to know that all the employees of the Phantasy Complex are safe, and we’re hoping for a quick turnaround and recovery. We’ve played there many times, and we’re looking forward to many more shows there!

That being said, we’re currently without a venue on Friday night. What are we to do? As of right now, the show is cancelled. However, if anyone has a place, knows of a place, and wants to book the bands on Friday night, let us know! All of the bands are ready to play, and we do have a small PA we can bring along, if need be. That’s Missile Command, LUDWYG, The Bridge Party (Friday was supposed to be their debut concert), and Fluxion (of Detroit).

If we can’t find a place, we’ll still be playing in August. News to follow on that.

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 Please tune in to 91.1 WRUW tonight between 7:30pm – 10:00pm for a special announcement regarding the concert on Friday. Billy from Ludwyg will be on Darewaves. If you can’t pick it up, the show is also streamed on wruw.org

Thank you everyone for everything.

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As you may have heard, the show on Friday is on! Missile Command, Ludwyg, The Bridge Party, and Fluxion will be playing at The Phantasy! All proceeds will be going to help the Phantasy rebuild. We're hoping to have a great show up there, so come on out and support one of the last places that lets small bands get a start.

See you Friday! 

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