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Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America
Website:Missile Command
Android is the culmination of 42 years of hard work, weird thoughts, and multiple interests. Photographer, artist, musician, filmmaker, scientist, Genius, and all around awesome guy, Android also is part of the electronic musical dynamo, Missile Command. We recently made a music video for our upcoming album:

My fiancé and I in the lost mystery of KY.

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akira, android, android lounge, android's ego, anime, aperture science enrichment center, appleseed, architect, artificial intelligence, astronautics, astronomy, being an atomic playboy, blade runner, blood diner, brazil, browncoats, buckaroo banzai, cat with lips, chuck palahniuk, ciani's cooking, cleveland, companion cube, computer samples, cowboy bebop, cryptonomicon, cykac media foundation, daniel myer, david lynch, delien, destroid, devo, dr. strangelove, electronic music, eraserhead, feima's maschina, fencing, fibonacci numbers, filmmaking, firefly, forma tadre, front 242, fucking with people, furnace st., geeking out, geneology, ghost in the shell, giant robots, haujobb, history, information society, japan, japanese minimalism, kendo, korg, lil's boobage, logic, longevity, lori's nub, mac book pro, mac osx, mad science, me, meteorology, missile command, moist and delicious cake, mst3k, music that doesn't suck, musique concrete, my rights, mysteries of the universe, novation, nuclear weapons, odd art, oingo boingo, orson welles, perfect tommy, pet shop boys, pissing people off, postal service, privatization of space exploration, psychic sasquatch, rants, raymond scott, rik mayall, robotics, roland, sabrage, scientific fact, secret societies, serenity, sheetar, shell's boobs, smiss, space, space travel, star wars, strange explanations for everything, strange haircuts, subversive operations, succeeding, sushi, team banzai, technology, the android experience, the scinema, the young ones, theosophy, theremins, think tank, vocoding, wacky hair, weighted companion cube, weird philosophy, william gibson, winston churchill, world domination, writing, your mom
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