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Look! It's dusty...

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 Vacation soon! Can't wait to get out of town for a week!

Also, Missile Command: THE FUTURE is on sale at www.missile-command.net and iTunes. Consume!
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Well, now that what's-his-face is done with it, maybe I can take back my number...

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It amazes me how some people from my past have become so insignificant. I love growing up!
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In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing of the Eagle module, and in hopes for future and further manned exploration of the cosmos, we are happy to bring you our instrumental Time Stopped for free download. Written during the Machines Should Think People Should Work sessions, this song has been tossed around for awhile, looking for a good home. Well, I think I’ve found one.

Forty years is a very long time since man first stepped on a surface he wasn’t born on. Too long. Sadly, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, he also unintentionally signaled the death knell of further exploration. The Space Race was won, why bother? Congress had better things to do with that money.

Unfortunately, human space exploration has reigned itself in, and we now hide in low Earth orbit. It’s time to let someone once again leave the cradle of this island Earth and step foot once again on foreign soil. Man must explore, whether it be by government funding or through private means. Let us not forget those dreams that we promised ourselves, and not let those bold Apollo explorers’ adventures to the Moon become an anachronism of what could have been.

We hope you enjoy the song. www.missile-command.net/audio/TimeStopped.mp3  

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As you may have heard, the show on Friday is on! Missile Command, Ludwyg, The Bridge Party, and Fluxion will be playing at The Phantasy! All proceeds will be going to help the Phantasy rebuild. We're hoping to have a great show up there, so come on out and support one of the last places that lets small bands get a start.

See you Friday! 
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 Please tune in to 91.1 WRUW tonight between 7:30pm – 10:00pm for a special announcement regarding the concert on Friday. Billy from Ludwyg will be on Darewaves. If you can’t pick it up, the show is also streamed on wruw.org

Thank you everyone for everything.

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Hi everyone,

Just heard down the pipe that the Phantasy will be closed until further notice. We here at Missile Command a happy to know that all the employees of the Phantasy Complex are safe, and we’re hoping for a quick turnaround and recovery. We’ve played there many times, and we’re looking forward to many more shows there!

That being said, we’re currently without a venue on Friday night. What are we to do? As of right now, the show is cancelled. However, if anyone has a place, knows of a place, and wants to book the bands on Friday night, let us know! All of the bands are ready to play, and we do have a small PA we can bring along, if need be. That’s Missile Command, LUDWYG, The Bridge Party (Friday was supposed to be their debut concert), and Fluxion (of Detroit).

If we can’t find a place, we’ll still be playing in August. News to follow on that.

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Go vote for your favorite remix of Missile Command! Voting ends on August 15th!

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Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know two things:

1) We're slowly moving Missile Command's news over to a Wordpress Blog. This will allow all the members to post to it, and more opportunities for our friends to reply. The blog is at http://www.missile-command.net/blog
We've set up an LJ Syndication Service for it, so, please add [livejournal.com profile] syndicated to your friends list. The blog will be the first place that news will appear from here on out, so, if you're a fan of Missile Command, please add it. If you're finding yourself more on Twitter than LJ, then you can be alerted to new Missile Command blogs, as well as get random Tweets about show times (because we never know until we show up), and other neat things. You can join our Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/mchq.  If you have friends that are fans of Missile Command, spread the word!

2) We're playing on Friday! Hope to see everyone there. This is going to be a fun show, as well as something new for us. For the first time in Missile Commandom, all the members will be on stage for the whole show! Those lazy reprobates have full-time stage jobs now! Also, [livejournal.com profile] atsiluth will be bringing his latest project, Fluxion, to town, so make sure to check that shizzle out! Here's a flyer:

That's all we have for now. More exciting announcements soon, including our upcoming METAL SHOW!!!!\m/
Have a great week! 

-=Missile Command=-


May. 22nd, 2009 06:16 pm
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We're going on later tonight. That means after 10 at some point. That is all.
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Angry cardboard robot costume for the photo shoot tomorrow: finished.
I think I'm a little high from the spray adhesive.